Purchase of saffron rock candy

Rock candy major shopping is conducted on a large scale in capital cities of Iran, so that the producer increase manufacturing production capacity of customized types and rock candies with wooden sticks in order to satisfy the fast-growing demand.

The customized rock candies and the rock candies with wooden sticks are manufactured and got to the market in two different ways, normal and special ones. The special types have got a higher dose of saffron and saffron stigmas on them which are totally recognizable. Their price is higher in comparison to the normal types and the color is bolder that can attract the costumers’ attention. Rock candy as a sweetener possesses medical characteristics such as healing stomachache and Drowsiness which make it superior to sugar. The reasons of the superiority are explained in the following.

The features of rock candy consumption

As it is said, rock candy is an appropriate sweetener for drinks like tea, used for healing Stomach Cramps, stomachache and Drowsiness as well as being exhilarating. This product possesses warm nature in comparison to the neutral nature of the sugar and the warming nature could enhance by addition of saffron that’s why the consumption increases in cold seasons.

rock candy consumption

The price of rock candy major shopping

Rock candies are offered in two ways, wrapped and not-wrapped. Some manufacturers distribute both kinds and some just offer one of them. It is obvious that the wrapped rock candies are more expensive than the not-wrapped ones and they prosper more, though the not-wrapped rock candies can be bought and purchased on larger scale compensating for the low profits. All in all the price is directly dependent on the price of the sugar and the pricing is found upon the price of sugar.

rock candy major shopping

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