Piradel rock candy for exports

The production of rock candy in long standing Piradel rock candy company. Rock candy as one of the largest candy producers in Iran, using the good experiences of its ancestors. So it is ready to serve you with the best and delicious varieties of candies for export and domestic market.

Piradel rock candy for exports

Piradel rock candy company

Piradel rock candy company has always tried to gather sophisticated and expert and hard-working co-workers together in this large group. Also that use the best technologies to supply the best and the latest products to domestic and foreign markets.

Management of Piradel, is on the basis of consumerism and consumer rights. Combining traditional cooking with the industrial design and respect for consumers’ taste and attention to the medicinal properties of the product, thus Piradel rock candy is the best choice for exports.

Piradel rock candy for exports

Export Piradel rock candy

The quality control department of Piradel is working with expert engineers in the food industry. Thus to meet the long-term goals of the company and to improve the quality of the products.

So for the first time in the country, five international standards in various fields of food and health management – quality management – Environmental management and food safety standard, they have joined the Iranian National Standards Association.

This is the best guarantee of the company in its products for a safe export.
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