rock candy sticks exports from Iran

We have two types of candies: 1- Rock candy 2- Rock candy sticks. The subject of our report today is the second type. This type of candy due to having a handle is more suitable for catering and due to of the benefits that is has a large amount of this type of candy is exported to other r countries.

Rock candy sticks

Iranian rock candy sticks

Iranian candy that has always ripped by it is high quality today it has maintained it is status as it has been. Candy is the best Iranian product because it always takes customer satisfaction. Iran is country that always packages it is product in accordance with the country’s culture which always makes Iran’s name prominent.

You do not have the plant candy available can combine rock candy sticks with cinnamon and ginger powder and taste with tea.

Rock candy sticks

Export rock candy from Iran

Candy is a product it plays an important role in the export and import industry in all countries. And there are important businesses in this field. Rock candy sticks are also products that exported to other countries.

When a product exported to other countries. It means that the country is very strong in the field of it is production. One example of these candy products is in Iran which has a large share in the Iranian economy.


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