Iranian saffron sugar sticks export

Candy is a product that is widespread in Iran which they export to other countries due to their high production. One of the types of this candy is a saffron candy. Iranian saffron sugar sticks a product that has not caused a lot of production that’s a low quality and or change it is price.  The taste of this candy is due to saffron, which also produced by Iran. Iranian saffron sugar sticks export one of the most profitable businesses in Iran.

Iranian saffron sugar sticks

Iranian saffron sugar sticks

The produced saffron used in combination with the candy the best and most quality produced saffron in Iran. Iran itself is the largest producer in the field of produce saffron. Iranian saffron sugar sticks the best kind of candy and in all stores there is a lot of sales and there are many fans even in European countries.
This type of candy is very tasty and has a pleasant smell and is a good product for welcoming guests and buying souvenirs and with it high quality, it always celebrates the name of Iran.

Iranian saffron sugar sticks

Export Piradel nabat from Iran

Piradel brand is one of the best Iranian candy reputable companies in the field of candy production. Seems like the company has so successful in this regard which exports it is products to other countries. One of the types of candy that exports to different parts of the world is Iranian saffron sugar sticks.

The Piradel brand is famous, what in Iran and what in other countries. Almost this name is in the heart of all people. Candy exports of high quality and at an affordable price will make a huge profit for the Iranian economy. As a result, it is proud of the name of Iran.

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