Persian saffron rock candy of Piradel

Piradel candy is one of the famous brands of candy in Iran. Persian saffron rock candy of Piradel is under discussion in this report. This is a very quality candy and because it has saffron it is very pretty color and it has pleasant smell. Persian saffron rock candy it is proud of the name of Iran because both candy and saffron the product produced inside Iran and both are very quality.

Persian saffron rock candy

Persian saffron rock candy

This kind of candy produced inside Iran the best kind of candy of Iran because the combination with saffron has made this candy found in all houses and there are several stores in each area which the people can buy candy from there.

People should pay attention to these points which using candy instead of sugar loaf and sugar make your body healthy and even using candy with a glass of hot drink like tea it heats the body and cures many diseases.

Persian saffron rock candy

Export Piradel rock candy

Product produced in the country if approved in terms of quality and health and price in the list of products to exported. One of these products is Piradel candy. Which from years ago to the moment it issued great progress has made in the Iranian economy.

One of the types Piradel candy Persian saffron rock candy which it quality type id exported to other countries. This type of candy has reached a massive production due to it is high quality and in Iran it is one of the best export products.

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