Iran saffron stick candy suppliers

Of the largest Iran saffron stick candy suppliers is shahd Afarin company in the capital. Almost saffron stick candy capital provided from the best raw materials in a completely standard environment and health. One of the best brands in saffron production is sahar khiz company. Which in recent years with the focus and hygiene and quality product he has been producing products that one of them is a candy.

Saffron stick candy

Iran saffron stick candy

One of the best types candy is saffron stick candy. Almost saffron is the food that is very hard to get that s why it is price on the market is a bit expensive.
Also combining saffron with candy can cure pain bloating and improve digestive system.
Almost this type of candy is good sweet and there’s plenty of it in every store near your place of residence. Furthermore Iran is one of the largest producers of this type of candy in the world which includes reputable companies in this field.

Saffron stick candy

Rock candy suppliers

In Iran there are many reliable producers of that they work candy production in field which we name some of them in this report:

  1. Taleghani candy
  2. Catherine
  3. shahd afarin the capital(capital)
  4. Mehr chin shandiz(shahry)
  5. Sahar khiz
  6. Sorkh chine
  7. ravesh tejarat alborz(engel)
  8. Bahraman
  9. Shahre bahar candy
  10. yaghut sahar zarin(barsava).

Also these reputable companies are active in the field production of candy. And also some other food products including saffron. One of these products is saffron candy which is exported to other countries.

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