Export colored rock candy sticks packaging from Iran

Colored rock candy sticks are nowadays very popular not just because of their color but also because of their benefits they have for the body. Iran is one of the countries that exports colored rock candy sticks from Iran in different packaging sizes.

colored rock candy sticks

Piradel colored rock candy sticks

Piradel has brought the knowledge of medicine and tradition and has produced colored rock candy sticks. The color of the rock candy sticks is mostly due to the material used in it.

Saffron rock candies are mostly golden color because of the saffron and lemon ones are green colored. These colored rock candy are mostly consumed along with hot drinks. They are also good for curing different sicknesses due to the materials they contain.

colored rock candy sticks

Export rock candy packed from Iran

Production of rock candy in Iran dates back to many years ago and Iran is now one of the pioneering countries in producing and exporting this product. Packing rock candy sticks is very important in satisfying the customers.

Packing colored rock candy sticks is also of great importance. The companies usually pack the product according the countries order. The importing countries are always able to choose their favorite packing form.

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