Cheap rock candy sticks of Piradel brand

These traditional cheap rock candy sticks of Piradel brand have kept their popularity all around the country and are good for the body. In the traditional medicine, it considered as laxative and anti-flatulence, and also used for curing diarrhea and physical fatigue.

Cheap rock candy sticks

Cheap rock candy sticks

Cheap rock candy sticks produced in large companies and Piradel is one of the biggest companies in this regard. This company is producing rock candy in different kinds and in a cheap price.

The high-quality saffron rock candy sticks cost something about 10 to 12 dollars per 300 grams. This cheap, but great candy, exported to European and American countries. This product now consumed all around the world.

Cheap rock candy sticks

Piradel rock candy price

As result piradel company is a pioneer in producing cheap rock candy sticks in the area. Also the company is producing rock candies in different flavors. And also the company uses fresh vegetables and saffron in producing the products.

As the company located in Mashhad which is famous for saffron, the product cost quite cheap for the company. The prices are reasonable that the company is exporting its products all around the world.

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