Piradel rock candy exports to the Middle East

Piradel rock candy one of the non-oil export products which exported to the Middle East and other European and American countries. This traditional product is of a great popularity around the area and used along with hot drinks like tea and coffee.

Piradel rock candy

Middle East buyers of Rock candy

Middle East countries import rock candy from Iran and United Arab Emirates is one of the first countries importing Piradel rock candy from Iran. Rock candy usually packed in different sizes and weights for the consumers. The benefits of candy rock have made it this popular among the consumers. The price of the product is also proper for the market. Middle East countries are also importing other candy products from Iran.

Piradel rock candy

Export Piradel rock candy

Exporting Piradel rock candy to other countries on the rise these years. And the company considered as one of the biggest candy exporters in Iran. The company exports a large quantity of products to countries around the world. The candy produced in high-quality and packed in internationally marketable packs. This makes the company successful in exports. And this brings benefit for both the country and the company.

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