Export rock candy crystal sticks

Rock candies are among the oldest and most common Iranian sweets, and are still popular in the country in the form of a delicacy. Iran is a large producer of these products and the local companies export rock candy crystal sticks to many different countries.

Rock candy crystal sticks

Rock candy crystal sticks

Rock candy crystal sticks are a fun and easy way to enjoy these amazing Iranian delicacies. You can just stir the stick in your tea and enjoy the sweet taste of these candies. There are also many different health benefits in using these products.

These warm drinks containing rock candies can relieve coughs and sore throats easily. They are also a great way to help boost the digestive system and prevent stomach aches.

Rock candy crystal sticks

Export Iranian rock candy

Iranian rock candy crystal sticks are one of the most popular forms of these sweets. They are packaged in many different forms and are exported to various markets. There are also luxury packages of these sticks targeting the top markets of the world.

Turkey is the largest importer of these candies. Most of the Iranian exports are concentrated on the Middle East region, but there are imports from other parts of the world as well.

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