Piradel rock candy sticks packaged

One of the types of candies in Iran the Piradel rock candy which exported overseas. This Piradel rock candy sticks packed it is like that put lots of candy in a packed box to be issued. These candies are called export candies which is a kind of high quality of the same candies in the inside country.

Piradel rock candy

Rock candy packed

Piradel rock candy one of the products that can packed ready to sent to the market. Candy packed it is like that it is possible to even export this candies outside the country without any problems to the other countries become familiar. They will taste of these high quality candies.

Rock candy packed is a typical example of a completely Iranian product. Which has an extensive production inside the country and has a high quality and reasonable price.

Piradel rock candy

Export Piradel rock candy

This product is produced in the country. In the case of international approval, quality, health, price will be placed on the list of products for export. One of these products Piradel candy. Which from years ago to the moment it  issued great progress has made in the Iranian economy.

One of the types Piradel candy saffron candy which it quality type exported to other countries. This type of candy has reached a massive production due to it is high quality.

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