Price per kilo of rock candy for export

Rock candy for export calculate in the form of kilograms. Price per kilo of rock candy for export it is the same and most of the time due to economic difficulties it is price do not change. The cheapness of the price of candy in the market has caused so that all people especially low-income people can afford it.

Rock candy for export

Price per kilo of rock candy

Candy has different types and it is price in the market is calculated in the form of kilograms. Different types of candies each have different prices. For example the price per kilo of saffron candy is more than a simple candy because the price of saffron in the market is expensive.

Usually the must rock candy for export have the same price in all parts of the country. The export more candies people and officials should support domestic production.

Rock candy for export

Rock candy for export

Because Iran is the main producer of candy in the world a significant portion of your productive candy consider for export. Export candy kind of candy grade 1 are in market. Most of the export candies in Iran is used as magneto candy which is suitable for the reception of guests.

These candies come in many different types including:

  1. Rock candy stick it consists of two types of white and saffron
  2. Curain candy 3-Bowl candy.

Rock candy for export production has special techniques.

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