Rock Candy with Saffron

Sweet candies popular in all ages and actually everyone even for one time has used it. All around the world there are many so many kinds of candies with different tastes and colors. One of the popular kind of candies is Rock candy with saffron which has a great taste and lots of users.

But now the question comes in your mind that where you can find and buy Rock Candy with saffron?

Rock candy with saffron is souvenir of some cities in Iran specially Isfahan and Mashhad but it is also found in all around the country because of high popularity of this kind of candy between Iranians.

Rock Candy with Saffron

Product Rock Candy with Saffron in Iran

There are not any sources about the history of Rock Candy with saffron but it is obvious that since the past it has been used by Iranians and Indians. This Candy is the symbol of happiness and being happy and mostly used in the weddings. Everyone can easily make this candy with water and sugar in their homes and beside the good taste it has some medical properties which has used since past until now.

Rock Candy with Saffron

Purchase Piradel Rock Candy

One of the biggest companies in producing Rock Candy with Saffron is Piradel which located in Mashhad. This company with a great background and new technology produces Rock candy in different tastes and colors including medical properties.

How can people buy Piradel Rock Candy? There are two basic ways that you can buy Piradel Rock Candies.

Piradel Rock candy with saffron can found in the stores all around the country and the stores of other countries. Which Piralel exports candies to them. You can also shop online in the website with the details of color, taste, and even weight. Piradel has produced so many tastes and colors for the satisfaction of their costumers. As result, has reached to success in this field.

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