Natural rock sugar sticks

In Iran they use candy instead of sugar because the candy like sugar dose not cause obesity and does not increase blood sugar loaf and even useful for treating many diseases that’s why it known for it is name:(natural rock sugar sticks).

Natural rock sugar sticks

Produced natural rock sugar sticks

Natural rock sugar sticks which everyone know this name.The raw material identical in sugar loaf and sugar and candy. But crystals created in the candy in terms of their physical condition and the type of their crystals different with sugar loaf and sugar that’s.

Why the specialty candy is different from sugar loaf and sugar and the candy is warmer than that. For this reason they use it for the sore throat and bloating because the product is natural.

Natural rock sugar sticks

Buy online rock candy from Iran

The candy sold in several ways:

  1. the wholesaler market
  2. available for sale in each area
  3. the valid sites internet that’s the third best option to buy candy.

Natural rock sugar sticks buy online in addition to reducing time it is also economically more economical because will be available to your hands at just with by touching a few buttons and convenient online payment your buy at the highest speed. You see every model and the every the taste in stores you can see in sites.

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