Sweet saffron rock candy with stick

Rock candy is a kind of sweet which mostly used in Iran. The most popular kind of rock candies sweet saffron rock candy with sticks that is usually used in tea houses and other hot drinks. In every Iranian house saffron rock candy can found.

But why the manufacturers of saffron rock candies produce it with sticks for their customers?

The reason of making them with stick is that you can use it easily to mix with tea or other drinks to make it sweet. Rock candies are the best replacement for using sugars to make your drink sweet and delicious.

Sweet saffron rock candy

Sweet saffron rock candy with stick

Sweet saffron rock candy has a special place in Iranian tradition. It is popular between Iranian because of its delicious flavor that added to teas and the other reason for popularity is the benefits which are good for physical and mental issues of the body.

The saffron in rock candies is a symbol of happiness and peace and it also hinders some heart problems and cancer. It is also useful for curing illnesses like insomnia and depression.

Sweet saffron rock candy

Purchase price of rock candy

Sweet saffron rock candies due to their popularity and amount of production by the manufacturing companies have a normal price that every family can buy it and use it in their daily uses for drinks.

For knowing the purchase price for buying, customers of this product have some ways to figure out the price.

One of the ways for sweet saffron rock candy buyers is visiting the market which sell this product and buy it. For technology users, online stores and markets which sell rock candies can be the best place to understand the price to buy it or the customers can straightly visit the manufacturer and buy the product from the company.

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