Yellow and white rock candy crystals

Rock candy crystals are consequence of sugar saturation in water. It is made through a physical mechanism that affected by time and temperature. Yellow and white rock candy crystals are two kinds of this article and the yellow color of candy is made by saffron.

What is the method for making crystal candy?

To make candy crystals, at first they solve sugar in boiled water to saturate the solution. Then they hang a string in the water and wait to cool. After a while, crystalization happens and candy formed in beautiful crystals.

Rock candy crystals

Yellow and white rock candy

An idea to vary this article is to add different tastes and flavors to candy. Materials like mint, saffron, Caraway, Lemon, Avishan, Darchin added to candy. These materials change the taste and color of candy. Saffron makes yellow color. Using no addition results to white candy. When you want to buy yellow rock candy beware that it is nature and the yellow color is not artificial and chemical color.

Rock candy crystals

Export rock candy crystals

Rock candy crystals in various colors and tastes exported to neighbor countries and all over of Middle East. They are packing in proper way. Packages have various weights and scales, therefore they have different prices.

What the properties of package of exported rock candy crystals?

Exported rock candy crystals packed in qualified cartoons. Some packages are for individual use and some for manifold use. In manifold package candies arranged in two rows. Every candy locked in its place. The article specifications are wrote and labeled on the package, translated in Persian and Arabic and English languages.

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