Green rock candy bulk

Our green rock candy bulk is so popular since they are large enough to cut into pieces at any size you prefer and make them ready for a big hot beverage treat for your guest, friend or even office staffs who care about their beverage taste and smell at the same time.

We have a fantastic offer for you, don’t wait and let it go for our bulk rock candy cheap to enjoy more.

Excellent reception green rock candy bulk for your celebrations; you choose the dark green color, and we provide the fun! Yummy candy adds that special touch to your decorations and party favors in wedding, bridal shower, or anniversary with your best guests.

Green rock candy bulk

Producing green nabat from mint

Green Nabat formed when dissolved sugar crystallizes into a solid crystal again but on a much larger scale and mint flavor finally added. Green rock candy bulk the reformation of dissolved sugar crystals with mint flavor.

They are bigger in size compared with the usual and common form. Because of this size change, a lot of tourists have bought them as a gift to surprise their family members and enjoy their taste.

Green rock candy bulk

Green rock candy bulk

Green rock candy is so popular because it is easy to dissolved and it is versatile. Decorate your party or your special events with our gorgeous rock candy crystals. They come in dark green color and look great for your cocktails.

This green rock candy bulk is very tasty and has a marvelous taste and is a good treat for welcoming guests in celebrations with fantastic taste.

They also used by coffee shops and tea houses to due to their mint flavor. Their customers like to stir their hot drinks with these crystallized green rock bulks and enjoy the time waiting for their melting and having a friendly conversation piece indeed. Therefore, It highly recommended to experience green rock candy bulk with marvelous taste and be our customers.

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