Bulk Wooden Rock Candy Sticks

Surprisingly, our wooden rock candy sticks are so popular since they are large enough to cut into pieces at any size you prefer and make them ready for a big hot sweet beverage treat for your guest, friend or even office staffs who care about their diet and taste at the same time.

You thinking of a fabulous easily held alternative for your next fancy tea or coffee cups?

This product has positively magical taste with your hot drinks .The crystal may take a while to dissolve but well worth the wait since your cup is now a conversation piece with your friends and partners with delicate flavor.

Wooden Rock Candy Sticks

Wooden Rock Candy Sticks

Wooden rock candy sticks are the best possible addition to a great cup of hot tea, milk or coffee .They create a deep wonderful taste. Moreover, there no syrup sweetness added like you might get from traditional refined white sugar. For almost all customers, they have been a great supplement in their tea/coffee cabinet; therefore, they have such a fabulous offer for their special events with family members or the best friends.

Wooden Rock Candy Sticks

Bulk Piradel Rock Candy

Wooden Rock Candy Sticks formed when dissolved sugar crystallizes into a solid crystal again but on a much larger scale. To make bulk rock candy, large jars, durable candy and an extended crystallization period required.

Fabulous and delicate treat for your occasions and reunions all over the world with an eternal memory indeed.

Bulk Piradel rock candy the reformation of dissolved sugar crystals in high quality and great taste. It bigger in size compared with the usual and common form. Because of this size change, a lot of tourists have bought Wooden Rock Candy Sticks as a gift to surprise their family members and bring joy for their guests and have a different sweet conversation piece.

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