Multi colored rock candy

Multi colored rock candy can provided by natural colors like saffron (to make yellow color) or by comestible additives that makes various colors. Multi colored rock candies are useful when you want to decorate your table or tablecloth.

Colorful decoration of your tea banquet

For a tea evening repast you may arrange colorful cupules from your cupboard and redecorate that by help of multi colored rock candy. It depends on your tact to sort and pair colors and tastes.

Multi colored rock candy

Multi colored rock candy

Candies that called fruit candies and seem that every color shows the color of a fruit actually. Common candies that are output of comestible additives and essences. As a user we must be assured that production of this delightful morsel is hygienic and high qualified.

Multi colored rock candy is produced in completely standard. Also condition and the quality of used materials are so that never harm your health and you may have a certain purchase.

Multi colored rock candy

Sale Iranian rock candy

Main principle for production and sale of Iranian multi colored rock candy is the sugar availability. Sugar must obtained in desirable price so producers are capable to produce this article and sell that in proper price.

Today in Iran even in one workshop many tons candy can produced but it depends on sugar price. If prices of materials like sugar and other additives modulated Iran can a good producer and seller of candy. Rock candy through many years kept its way to offer best article to users.

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