Mint green rock candy

Today to vary this article different tastes of candy surpluses. Tastes like mint, saffron, lemon, caraway and others. Some of these additive materials change the color of candy and make more variety. Mint makes green color and fresh taste to rock candy.

What are the benefits of mint?

Mint has positive effect on digestive system of body. It stops seasickness and vomiting. Mint can improve problems of belly and bowel. It works as an antibacterial. Mint is source of C vitamin and also iron and carbohydrate.

Mint green rock candy
Mint green rock candy

Rock candy production from mint

To produce mint green rock candy, at first sugar added to water and a beverage is ready, then in a special heater pot it boils. In next stage egg added to this admixture. Egg absorbs and extracts away the impurity and pollution from mixture. Then beverage heated again to get firm. When the density of mixture reached to the wanted amount it poured to a special containers and is left away for a time. The usual temperature to extract candy is 109 degree. At last green colored additional changes color of candy.

Mint green rock candy

Price mint green rock candy

Mint green rock candy including glucose beverage, sugar, oil, vegetable essence and mint taste and flavor, packed in 200 gr packages, amount to 2600 toman. If you use occasion remission you can buy it to 21500 toman.

What for you choose mint green rock candy?

Mint green rock candy is useful when you want remove bad oral smell, improve digestion, decrease ache, stop tumult, relax body and mind, decrease asthma, lose weight and strengthen safety system of body. Totally mint a marvelous miracle included in little sweat candy to refresh your good mood.

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