Wooden candy sticks wholesale

Candies these days for the ease of use have sticks. Sticks are made from different materials. Some of them are plastic and some of them are wooden. Wooden candy sticks are one of the products of the companies which produce candies and wooden candy sticks wholesale is one of the good businesses.

Wooden candy sticks have more sale than the others because plastic sticks are not as healthy as the wooden ones.

The candies usually used with hot drinks and the sticks have contact with the drink. When the plastic sticks are in contact with hot drinks, they may cause unhealthy issues for the body and using a wooden stick is better.

Wooden candy sticks

Iranian wooden candy sticks

Iran known by its rock candies and by the time. Also number of the companies for producing candies grown in these few years. Because rock candy originally from Iran and producing and selling rock candies. So counted as a good business in this country. Also these kind of wooden candy sticks exported to other countries. There are some foreign customers for these kind of sweet candies.

Wooden candy sticks

Wholesale Piradel rock candy

There is a competition between the companies on making a high quality rock candy to have a better sale between others. Wooden candy sticks have used since long time ago and all the people can know the quality.

Companies have different kind of sales. Normal sales for typical customers and wholesales for the important ones.

Piradel one of the Iranian companies which produces rock candies and its wooden rock candy sticks is well known between candy users. Wholesale of this company is for market owners and big stores. Exporter companies or the countries which import rock candies, are the customers of wholesale of rock candy.

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