White and yellow rock candy

Use our white and yellow rock candy to sweeten coffee and tea beverages and enjoy their tastes that encourage you for another big fancy mug. Our unique product is surely unique in its taste, smell and well packaging. Dip in warm beverage and stir to get sweet, taste and enjoy.

Are you tired of that traditional white refined sugar and seeking for a marvelous change beside your fancy coffee mug?

The white and yellow rock candy contains just the right amount of sweetness for one cup of coffee. So why are you waiting? Go for them and get the best experience. You will be our customer forever in your life.

White and yellow rock candy

White and yellow rock candy

Our white rock candy crystals are made of natural sugar cane without any artificial color. Their taste come from high quality ingredients with perfect smell and taste. Our yellow rock candy originally made of saffron. Saffron a spice derived from the flowers of Crocus Sativus.

Its threads collected and dried to used mainly as a seasoning and coloring agent in food even candy. Our white and yellow rock candy is ready to welcome your guests in a friendly atmosphere while you are having a conversation piece.

White and yellow rock candy

Purchase price of rock candy

Yellow rock candy is in the heart of all people around the world with great saffron flavor, so exporting this rock candy to abroad with high quality and at an affordable price is so extensive. White rock candy is also popular all around with reasonable price.

Who are more interested in our white and yellow rock candy with affordable prices which is incredible?

Exporting white and yellow rock candy to all over the world with affordable price seems to be so satisfying due to its extensive order overseas and affordable price. One of the types of candy that exported to different parts of the world is Iranian yellow and white rock candy with delicate flavor.

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