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Candy marketing in Iran every day provides new services. Rock candy that is a famous one in this area has various types and rock candy wholesale obviates the customers’ requirements. Buying rock candy wholesale because of its quality and variety is getting on.

Do you know what the easiest definition for wholesale is?

Wholesale means sailing in major and massive volume. Wholesale in fact is sailing to retailers and industry and to some people in whole and low price. Sometimes wholesalers buy without package and pack them to sale.

Iranian rock candy

Iranian rock candy

Funny to know that birthplace of rock candy Iran. And in English language it called “Mishri” and “white chocolate”. In ancient Iran eating of candy was current and prevalent. In Iranian old times rock candy used as a dessert after lunch or dinner. It was used in celebrations and religious ceremonies because it is breezy. Also Rock candy wholesale in cheap prices and various shapes and sizes performed.

Rock candy wholesale

Rock candy wholesale

Rock candy wholesale needs high principle. Wholesale doesn’t need propaganda. It only needs big store to storage the article. In wholesale volume of sail is high and price is law. But in big scale wholesale is a big investiture.

What is the effect of wholesale on rock candy price?

Rock candy wholesale keeps the price between producer and the last buyer in a balance. When wholesaler buys from the producer, detects and separates the article by the quality and estimates the final price for it. Sometimes producer sales in big amount to retailers and is the same wholesaler, therefore must present the best quality based on market demand.

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