Assorted rock candy sticks

Boxing is important in selling every product and we buy the thing we want in small or big boxes. Assorted rock candy sticks are a kind of rock candy which is assorted in a box which there are various sizes of rock candy sticks available in the market.

Most of the companies produce rock candy sticks in different sizes and weighs for customers satisfaction.

There are small, medium and big size boxes for assorted rock candy sticks customers. Rock candy buyers can buy the size which they need. Some people have a daily usage of rock candy sticks and prefers big boxes.

Iranian rock candy

Iranian rock candy

Iran the first country in producing and using rock candy sticks in the world. Iranian assorted rock candy sticks is so popular in the world. Various kind of rock candy sticks produced as Iranian rock candy. Which having the best quality and taste has an important effect on the popularity and sale of these product. Saffron rock candy is the most popular kind of rock candy with some healthful benefits for body.

Export assorted rock candy sticks

Export assorted rock candy sticks

Exporting assorted rock candy stick is a common exportation product for Iran. Some neighbor countries are the customers of Iranian rock candy sticks and yearly there are some profits by exporting rock candies.

Why the rock candy sticks are so popular in the world and there are lots of customers for this product?

The answer is so easy. Assorted rock candy sticks have some healthful benefits with a good taste. All ages can use this rock candy even children and old people. Due to the closeness of the neighbor countries most of the exportation is for the neighbor countries like Iraq which is one of the important customer of rock candy.

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