Sugar rock candy for sale

Sugar rock candy made of mixture of dense sugar and water and additional tastes and colors and sometimes it frizzed. You can produce sugar productions by glazing vegetables and fruits with sugar. Sugar rock candy for sale made in high amounts.

How long do you can keep sugar rock candy?

You can keep sugar rock candy from two weeks to one year. Corrosive ingredients of candy are humidity and heat. If you don’t keep candy in dry and cold place it would decay soon.

Best sugar rock candy

Best sugar rock candy

Sugar rock candy made in different kinds consist of soft and chewable or hard, brittle and frail. To make the best rock candy, at first solve sugar in water or latex (drink). Then boil it to reach to the desirable saturation point (it gets burnt sugar). The materials that you add and the time that you boil it depends on the kind of rock candy. Totally high heat and high dense of sugar results hard candy and low heat makes soft candy.

Price of rock candy

Price of rock candy

Sugar rock candy price depends on the materials used to make candy and different sizes that they have. Candies have fruit taste, or chocolate taste, some are big and expensive, some are tiny and in huge amount get expensive.

Classification and different kinds of rock candy:

Chemically, sugar of rock candy has two kinds: crystal and amorphous. Chrystal candy is not hard, it made of a mineral material but its texture is made of crystallization process and this structure makes that brittle. Amorphous candy has an turbulent structure. It usually has higher dense of sugar and is chewable, hard and frail.

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