Bulk rock candy sticks for tea

All bulk rock candy sticks are unique and colorful addition to any candy buffet, kid’s birthday party, wedding or other special events. They also make great gifts and party favor that both kids and adults will love. These candies are excellent reception candies for your tea parties.

Never know when you might need a little sugar!

Haven’t tried stirring tea with stick candies because you haven’t got the flavored ones. But you’ll keep them in mind next time to place on your pocket or in your bag because you don’t know when you need a little sugar!

rock candy sticks with tea

rock candy sticks with tea

Tasty classic and beautiful individually wrapped rock candy on a stick! Each stick measures 6.5 inches and the rocks measure about 4 inches. They come in a variety of colors and flavors and are the perfect choice for a gift basket, a birthday party or as a special treat for kids. They are also great for espresso or tea or any other hot beverage. Also bulk rock candy sticks are nice treat and greet for the holidays.

Bulk rock candy sticks

Bulk rock candy sticks

Bulk rock candy sticks are excellent reception candy for your events. You choice yummy candies for classing up your tea. You can use it for birthday, spa and pool parties. It is delicious for summer drinks.

sticks are easier to handle

Remarkably true fruit flavors, though you know they are artificial, adorable colors and they are fun to eat. It is reminiscent of the rock candy on a string of your childhood. Only the stick is easier to handle. You will love bulk rock candy sticks and would recommend them for tip gifts, travel and any time just for enjoyment.

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