Hard rock candy store

Hard rock candy store with extensive articles for all tact and taste makes ready sweet candies for all groups of society; children and adults, sportsmen and businessmen and so on. You too, will like our hard rock candy and will be of our customer after one time use of that.

Hardiness of rock candy depends on which factor?

Hydrolysis of sucrose by acids and enzymes result to invert sugar (glucose and fructose mixture). The important role of invert sugar is to control crystallization of sucrose and consequently hardiness of rock candy.


Product hard rock candy

The main components of hard rock candy are pure sugar, water, albumen of egg, nature flavors like cardamom and coconut. The basic sweeter and crystal maker in candy making technology is sugar. If you chill the dense solution of sugar without shaking, it will get supersaturated. Hard rock candy is a candy that has 99% sucrose. Our hard rock candy store provides you the best candy to enjoy your moments.


Hard rock candy store

Hard rock candy that we produce and store in high quantity and high quality has an individual executive center. This center is operated to optimize the storage condition of first materials and final crops.

How does sucrose transform to crystal?

Also to say if you chill the dense solution of sugar with shaking. As result, the sucrose will transform to crystal and will get away of the solution. If you increase the temperature you can prepare more densities of sucrose. And also the more sucrose the harder rock candy is made. Hard rock candy store gives you the experience of easy and efficiency shopping.

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