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White unwrapped rock candy crystal sticks

Unwrapped rock candy crystal

Rock candies are the previous version of nowadays candies but still have as same popularity as new candies and have their own customers. Rock candies are crystal of sugar with different colors and tastes but the most simple one can be white rock candy crystal sticks. Unwrapped rock candies producers are anonymous because there is no box or pack and …

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24 pack assorted rock candy crystal sticks

assorted rock candy crystal

One of high consumption candies is stick candy. rock candy crystal in 24 units is one of popular candy packages. 24 pack assorted rock candy crystal sticks are useful for prank of complimentary tablecloth that consumed in some traditional local celebrations. This candy is insoluble for 18 months after production. Through this period of time it doesn’t decay. Corrosion is …

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Rock candy crystal sticks to export

Rock candy crystal sticks

The candies what the yellow and what the white should have crystals of brilliance. For yellow candy crystals of saffron color and for white candy crystals of totally colorless and brilliant. Almost Rock candy crystal sticks to export one of the main works in the field of export of candy. Also Rock candy crystal sticks in the form of one-handed …

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