Piradel rock candy Factory in Iran

Piradel rock candy factory in Iran is one of the largest and most famous factories producing these types of sweets in Iran and its products are enjoyed all over the country. There are also some exports of these high quality rock candies to many countries of the world.

Rock candy Factory

Rock candy Factory in Iran

Rock candies are a very popular sweet among the Iranian people. They are a big part of the Iranian lifestyle and people all over the country enjoy them. There are also a lot of rock candy factories in different cities of Iran. These high quality rock candies distributed all over the country and also exported to foreign markets as well. The high quality and unique flavors like the saffron has made them very popular abroad.

Rock candy Factory

Sale Piradel rock candy

Piradel is one of the top rock candy factories in Iran. Its products are very popular with Iranian and even non-Iranian people all over the world. There are also a lot of benefits to these rock candies. They suggested by many doctors to calm the stomach and can made into a very nutritious warm drink for children as well. These popular rock candies often come on sticks and can enjoyed easily with a cup of tea.

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