Flavored rock candy prices

The price of a rock candy is especially to the flavored rock candy prices is very suite. The price of Iranian products like flavored rock candy suitable for that which can exported to other countries and it attracts customers all over in the world. Flavored candy is one of the most famous candy.

Flavored rock candy

Flavored rock candy

Iran is active in the production of various types of candies which one of them is a flavored rock candy. The different types of these candies include:

  1. cinnamon
  2. saffron
  3. cumin
  4. lemon and thyme.

These flavors used according to everyone’s taste. Because they are all vegetable powders there is no harm to the body and even useful for the treatment of certain diseases. The recommendation of all reputable producer companies to people is that until can use candy instead of sugar and sugar loaf.

Flavored rock candy

Iranian rock candy prices

The candy has different prices depending on the different flavors. Wholesale price is less than retail price. But reputable candy producers always try they produce high quality but low-priced candy. So that all segments of society can prepared and use it with many benefits. Flavored rock candy is due to that suitable which it sells in many stores. Candy useful food found in all houses and people in every region can get from the nearest available campus.

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