Export Iranian flavored rock candy

Export Iranian flavored rock candy from Iran to all countries. The most common use of this type of candy is decorating tableware and welcoming guests. Flavored rock candy is as Iranian product and it is popular in all countries. In the neighboring countries of Iran, the same uses made from the candy because their taste is very similar to Iran.

Flavored rock candy

How to make flavored rock candy

In candy factories by adding additives like vegetable powders and food ingredients can be produced with flavored rock candy. Flavored candies are the tastes of all people due to their different flavors and used to welcoming guests.

One of these flavored candy is saffron candy that due to the price of saffron the price of this candy is a bit higher than the rest. Types of flavored candies include:

  1. Saffron candy
  2. Cinnamon candy
  3. Mint tea candy and so on.

Flavored rock candy

Export Iranian rock candy

Because Iran is the main producer of candy in the world a significant portion of your productive candy consider for export. Export candy kind of candy grade 1 are in market. Most of the export candies in Iran used as flavored rock candy which is suitable for the reception of guests.

These candies come in many different types including:

  1. Rock candy sticks it consists of two types of white and saffron
  2. Curain candy 3-Bowl candy.
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