Rainbow rock candy bulk for sale

Exciting beautiful and colorful rainbow rock candy is an all-around party favorite. Each color features a different flavor and if you want to order more than two flavors and it is hard to pick, you can choose rainbow rock candy and buy that in bulk.

What are the ingredients of rainbow rock candy

Pure cane sugar contains less than 2% of natural and artificial flavors, artificial colors including red, blue, yellow, titanium dioxide caramel color. Processed in peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy and milk products.

Product Rainbow rock candy

Product Rainbow rock candy

Assorting colors that may include white, pink, light blue, blue, purple, red, light green, orange, and green. Assorted rock candies are the perfect rock candy for you. This candy may include the following flavors: grape, lemon, blue raspberry, strawberry, cherry, cotton candy, watermelon, green apple and orange. Rainbow rock candy bulk is producing at only 85 calories per stick. Delicious and low calorie treats.

rock candy bulk

rock candy bulk

Rainbow rock candy is a great way to introduce the fascinating world of rainbow to kids. Show them different seven colors of rainbow. Then look at table sugar to show off that it is also made up of fruits tastes.

Eat rainbow rock candy quickly!

Get this brand for a fairly quick to eat treat similar to a candy bar. It actually takes longer to eat and has fewer calories than a typical chocolate bar. Get the order brand of rainbow rock candy bulk if you are one of those people who can lick an entire candy without biting into it even once.

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