IrIranian rock candy sticks whole sale

The stores of rock candy whole sale will send to you the most beautiful fantastic product with suitable price. Also you can deliver packed candies, whole sale or retile, in all over of the country, directed and without broker or middleman. and also always be satisfy.

The whole sale of rock candy sticks is the best preference for the buyers and sellers.

The consumers can buy any kinds of the productions in retail and the merchants and whole salers can have special profitability. Every region utilizes a specific amount of different kinds of various candies.

Iranian rock candy

Iranian rock candy

Rock candy, especially sweet rock candy made of dense mixture of sugar and water and other additional, which give color and taste to it, and sometimes it is freeze. In Iran producers provide sugar productions by glazing the vegetables and fruits. Also rock candy whole sale in Iran after providing them in large amounts is done by middlemen, companies, internet and many times they exported to other countries.

rock candy wholesale

rock candy wholesale

So rock candy whole sale is a very easy job. As result all customers can measure for whole order at the whole sale market and by their articles in lower price. But expensive rock candy sticks have high quality as well.

Classification of candies and Iranian candies

But in chemical point of view, the sugar of candy divided to 2 extensive parts:

  1. crystalline and amorphous.So crystalline candy is not hard
  2. the crystal is one of mineral material.

Also the amorphous candy has a messy crystalline construction; it has high density of sugar and is chewable. Both kinds of rock candy sticks sold in whole sale.

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