Bulk Iranian white rock candy

Iranian bulk white rock candy is sweet and beautiful. It from pure sugar and doesn’t have any added flavor, meaning that it simply tastes like sugar with no distinctive flavor. You can use these crystalline candies to sweeten coffee or tea.

History of Iranian bulk white rock candy popularity

Bulk white rock candy is a traditional sweet in Iran. Because it exported to the other countries it got popular in many countries of world. Many companies and factories are making this kind of candy from many years ago.

Iranian rock candy factory

Iranian rock candy factory

To make bulk white rock candy in factory at first they solve the sugar in water or nectar then boil that to reach to saturation point or caramelization. Commonly when the temperature high and density of sugar is more, hard candy and when the temperature low and density of sugar lesser, soft candy obtained. Any degree of temperature results to an ascertained density and different hardness of candy.

Bulk white rock candy

Bulk white rock candy

Bulk white rock candy is a kind of sugar that obtained from cane that crystallizes through a physical mechanism dependent to time and temperature. The rock candies that are transparent are best to used.

Differences between candy and sugar

Sugar and bulk rock candy have same materials and they are made of sucrose. But the crystals of candy and sugar are different. Difference between sugar and rock candy is like difference of water and water-vapor or difference of water and ice. All of them have same material but they have physical differences.

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