Bulk rock candy crystals

Of course you know what the properties of a pure bulk rock candy crystal are. A pure candy must have got transparent and gross crystals and shall be in hygienic packages. Actually candy is a kind of sugar that obtains from cane, it has high amounts of sucrose and our body absorbs than soon.

Bulk rock candy comes to help you every moment you feel your body sugar emptied.

Nowadays there are some jobs that are very long-timed and the jobholders don’t access easily to food and usually afoul oral sour. Every candy in their pocket is like a fantastic occasion for their body to refresh.

Bulk rock candy crystals

Piradel rock candy company

Piradel rock candy company started its activity many years ago. As result, has a long prehistory, and precedent experiences, and is one of the chief producers in country. In fact, this cadre has done the best to assemble the modern technologies and apply international standards.

So bulk rock candy crystals made based on incorporation of traditional decoction and update industry, domestic design and novel shape.

Bulk rock candy crystals

Bulk rock candy crystals

Also bulk rock candy crystals are made through a physical process. When you saturate hot water by sugar and then leave that to cool gradually and gently. In this condition the molecules place in distances from each other and form a net.

What are the international standards that Piradel company caught?

As first time in Iran, Piradel company caught 5 international standard in “management of alimentary hygiene” and “management of food safety”, ” quality management”, “environmental management” and “health of food”. Bulk rock candy crystals of piradel company also emphasized by national standard.

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