Piradel saffron rock candy 150g

Long time ago rock candies with saffron were created by Iranian people and the usage was mostly with teas and hot drinks. Then saffron rock candies exported and introduced to other countries by Iranians or the foreign tourist which they visited Iran in the past. These days saffron rock candy is still one of the best souvenirs of Iran for the tourists.

Due to the development of the world, saffron rock candies not created at home anymore. Some companies founded for producing and selling rock candies.

One of the big companies which produces saffron rock candy is Piradel company. Piradel with a long history and great experience of producing saffron rock candies, has become one of the exporters of saffron rock candy to the world.

Piradel saffron rock candy

Saffron rock candy 150g

This company creates and sells saffron rock candies in different sizes and packs for its own customers. Products founded in big or small amounts. One of these products is saffron rock candy with the weight of 150 grams.

This product not counted as a big or small pack. It is a normal pack for customers that many people prefer this kind of size and weight for their usage in a daily life because it is beneficial.

Piradel saffron rock candy

Price Piradel saffron rock candy

People based on their daily use of saffron rock candy may buy different sizes of packs of this product. The quality and the size are the factors which can have effects on the price of this product for the customers.

There might be a question that how can the customers find the best prices for saffron rock candy.

The prices of the Piradel saffron rock candy is available is the website of the company. Prices are also found in the online shop stores and you can buy online.

If the customers are not comfortable with using new technology they can visit stores and markets to find out the newest price for the piradel saffron rock candy.

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